Saturday, December 24, 2011

Coca-Cola and Pepsi: Image Advertisement And Brand Marketing

(Differentiation of  brand logo from time to time)

It was initially sold as a patent medicine for five cents, a glass at soda fountain in the United States.(because of the belief that carbonated water was good for the health and cure many more diseases also.)

The transformation leads to a situation, where we believe and also enjoy's it as a drink for happiness.So dear friends, here we are discussing about the brand charisma, how well image advertisement works for the company called “Coca-Cola Company”. I think (Pepsi and Coke) they’ve done an excellent job (as usual) of appealing to a wide audience with their clean, sleek, modern looking packaging and logos.let's see the coke brand marketing in this post  and  "BRAND PEPSI" in the next continuing post.

Coca cola was invented by John Pemberton.Coca-Cola got known to the world due to the marketing strategies of Asa Candler. Well I agree, some people say it as “American dream” in a bottle. It is very important here to understand the hidden strategic symbol making process, which portrayed as a symbol of spirit, vitality, creativity and optimism.

It has been successful in expressing the American spirit and also the American pop culture in front of the world. Also strategically able to positioned itself as a cultural icon. it is not only spreads and sells the American culture, but takes different strategies to meet the varied taste preferences of consumers everywhere. If coca-cola only limited on the expression of American culture for its marketing, it’s impossible for it to become a brand that can be recognized in the multicultural world.

Coca-cola logo is one of my top favorite logo, because of its classical nature both in terms of design and the taste of the product too. As per some reliable media research reports, it is one of the most recognized brand and logo all over the world.

Yes, three core elements of its logo design made it possible to complete the visual identity system of coca cola brand. 

What’s there in the Name?

  • Name of the brand: “Coca-Cola” (easy to speak and remember).
  • Strategic standard color : associated color of the company: “ BRIGHT RED
  • Uniform color of employee in the company is “RED”, packaging with “RED” color; I think as a psychologist you too can understand the logic behind the chosen color of the company. From now onwards if you will see any red colored thing then coke will come to your mind definitely.
  •  Dynamic wavy pattern design of name, you can recognize the name in the china letter also. That’s how the brand recognition of name works here.
Packaging expect:
  • Its quality packaging is totally unique and eye catching. Whenever we see this brand’s new product in the market, the first thing could be a brief discussion about it.
  • They do integrate the package with beautifully designed logos and cultural symbols and its chilled look make’s the first attraction.
  • If you will see Chinese coke cans, it’s totally different with its look (they include young and sizzling Chinese starts on its can cover and Chinese traditional culture and event too). which is varied from market to market to get the country in mind.
Advertising mania:
  • Coca cola advertisement always dedicated to the openness of culture. Perfectly synchronized in such a manner that shows the best way to uplifting and enhancing your everyday moments of happiness.
  • The first campaign of coca cola in Indian market was “JO CHAAHO HO JAAYE”. It was one of the best ads ever, appealed both at a product level as well as at an emotional level.
  • The company don’t depend fully on the celebrity endorsement (with respect to other continents) but in India while keeping the Indian celebrity fan following  in view, they have diverted their set character of global view to cope with this market. And successfully made it possible to grab the market share as well as the target segment. 
  • Recently they have campaigned with “OPEN HAPPINESS”, here coca cola seems to achieve at the emotional level as well as a mass appeal.

This face to face analysis led to some interesting insights, one of the most successful brand in the world’s brand marketing, the key elements of success are Cross-cultural communication, localization and insistent of brand value of itself. The mode Coca-Cola took is a kind of Non-aggressive cultural integration and successfully conquered the cross-cultural marketing.

We will continue the discussion in our next post with brand “PEPSI”. So dear reader’s, don’t forget to share your opinions and view on brand marketing with us.