Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 25 Brand tips:Ramp up with a BRAND WEBSITE

Is it something to be regarded as a work of beauty and art?  How do we fall in love with a beautifully designed and structured website? 

It is just an information provider or an evangelist maker or an advertisement show. Web designers and content writers have been working very hard these days to make it very simple and concise. Here we go with some expert sayings,modern day’s tricks and tips to repositioning our "Brand website". Keep in mind that how to give an overwhelming experience to the UNIQUE VISITOR’S .It is a retentive post where we have revealed to you.....
Brand tip 1: Create a page (width and length), which is suitable and appropriate for your target audience. Because you know better that tech savvy people likes higher resolution while older people prefers lower resolution.

Brand tip 2: Do not make the important part of your website look like a free ads site (specifically top/top right).

Brand tip 3: Always try to break long pages into multiple pages. (Specifically use page breakers).

Brand tip 4: Use font sizes, color and style to prioritize the content. Fonts should be 12 PX or larger. Use fonts which are easier to read in both sizes. (E.g. san-seriff, seriff).
Brand tip 5: Center your layout design on the screen. Line length should be between 1.4 to 1.5 em line height.try to utilize your content between line lengths of between 50-60 characters like paperback book.  To give the website a user friendly look.

Brand tip 6: Convenience matter here also, clicking on the logo should take you to the home page. Your logo/title should be positioned on the top left of the website. It worth’s a look (as per research data). People/readers very often gives a look to the left side/top left corner.

Brand tip 7: Impact of gray text instead of black text on a white background, because research shows that it is pleasurable and create a desire to read it.

Brand tip 8: Don’t make it disguise and supererogatory-style inputs. It diminishes the value of the content as well as the brand. Do not use all upper case word/shape. Use short and readable urls.

Brand tip 9: Try to keep a consistent layout (design), color, typography throughout the website. Learn such things from sites like twitter, face book etc.

Brand tip 10:if you are running a company website, Educational website, Fashion website or commercial website, don’t change your  home page name “HOME” to “here”, “welcome”, “company name” etc. It doesn’t sound good.

Brand tip 11: Provide link to other related content in your site (connection with current page).and put it in between your information text post or at the end of the text post. Use the title attribute on links to add more context.

Brand tip 12: keep navigation key positioning consistent from page to page. You can put your duplicate navigation links in the page end (footer) with additional links but less prominent pages.

Brand tip 13: By the year 2013 there will be 1.7 billion mobile internet users. So make your site a mobile user friendly (put some mobile plug-ins).

Brand tip 14: Keep posts running with headline and sub headlines. So that it could be easily scanned by the reader.

Brand tip 15: Always be updated with new entries, don’t run old bullets. If you are working on something like offer and discounts, openings, notifications and “join now closures” then please update it. Don’t show the tendency of “start and over”. 

Brand tip 16: If this is a company website then please don’t forget to mention the clientele. Ask yourself, how was your reaction after seeing a diverse network or client base of a company? Sure it makes a good point.

Brand tip 17: Get some good testimonials from your user/clients and publish it on the right corner or in between the right hand sidebar tab. If you are certified than it would be like “Star Dust”.

Brand tip 18: Use white space to group or categorize related items on a page.(preferable)

Brand tip 19: Don’t irritate your readers with frequent pop ups, as per some research only 15-20 % of readers click on it and again most of them are on a hurry(by mistake).
Brand tip 20: Before posting images on your site (optimize available images), which makes the download function faster.   

Brand tips 21: If possible then give a chance to creative web design and development. It increases the user spare time on the site and gives a memorable experience to the user.

Brand tip 22: if your page is ready to publish then only make it visible. Continuing your pages with signs like “under construction”, “loading”, “error page”, “see you soon”, “not available” or expired data always hurt the brand. Take care of it as soon as possible.

Brand tip 23: Make your site/blog lighter (technologically speed means good). If you are putting numbers of videos, pictures or graphics then test it in other browsers like IE, Firefox, safari, opera, Google chrome and with other operating systems. As a regular user it will open in a second in your system/laptop but the reality is totally different.

Brand tip 24: If you’re advertising or having a commercial online site then give proper attention to the left hand side bar. Give it a chance then you will definitely mail me a response.

Brand tip 25: Last but not least make your available site and social network sharing buttons visible to the reader/user. Brand building is not a one day cricket match where the match result will come to the media at the end of the day.


  1. A really detailed and excellent presentation. You certainly know what works. A pleasure to read!

    1. hiii....thank you so much for such a lovely comment..I'm glad to know that you liked it..:)

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  2. Loved this post and also the blog. Branding Agencies in India are also catching up with the West. Lets hope a war and more creativity.

    1. hey...nice to meet you glad you found the post and blog valuable.. :)we learn so much from the examples set for us by those who have gone first...:)

      just gone through your company blog and came to know about your vision and mission towards branding and communication with affordable cost.....give it a chance...your BRAND got the right in touch...:D

      Author:Shibakumar sethy
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