Tuesday, April 12, 2011


If you will ask me what does mean by search engine?

It is just an information retrieval system, which ultimately helps users like us in finding information on the World Wide Web. The best thing is global sharing of information.it basically know for STORE HOUSE OF INFORMATION, ACCESSIBLE OF INFO. ON THE NET.

Here all search engines uses software called spider, indexing which are basically comb the internet and on the other hand find out the documents and addresses which are predefined and the database also contains all such things.

This is the brief working process of a search engine when talking in a layman’s language. Actually it happens like this: fixed algorithms fixed for displaying the search results or keyword given by the user

So here a search engine required a well-developed tool to manage, filter and retrieve these information’s and a search engine serves this purpose.

Here is just a detail about how a search engine functions and the technology used behind the displayed home page.

          The comparison between two major players of search engine says that even though Bing is using a modern technology it failed in providing good service compared to Google.

Where is the answer to these questions?
·      Google moves ahead in providing user friendly service when compared to Bing in making the search simple and customization.

·      If you will Google uses very less graphics on its home page but provides many features on its home page. Whereas Bing uses lot of graphics on its home page which utilizes more space leading to consume more time to open the home page itself. Home page of Bing will be like this…

·      We believe that Google is very familiar with us and already using many Google applications. 
 ·      On the other hand BING is known for customization (welcome message) and organization and filter options.

·      Google provides you with thousands of option on search bar,while  BING wasting its time on filtering it, while providing fewer options to the searcher/user.

·      BING is trying to attend its target audience through visual designs and attractions.at the same time Google allowably got its target audience with faster speeder and smarter way.

·      Now a days the war between these two search engines operator's  is going really tough these days as BING also making the searching service faster and mover way.

   After all my dear friends we user's know which one is the better one and which one is the matter one.So keep on browsing..