Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Bollywood marketing budget and promotion:the evolved bolly era continues.

Hello fellas, yesterday I was just gone through some articles to update my blog with evergreen Bollywood marketing strategies. Late 50’s it was the time when advertisement means Eastman’s color poster’s across the city of Delhi, Mumbai and other city locals etc…before the release of the movie...but whats now....

The biggest billion dollar budget Bollywood movie  RA one is going to release on the month of October but it has already started its heart cracking promotions now only...so can't wait anymore for the movie...its really a rewriting of marketing and promotional strategies.

lets hop back to our topic of late 60's and their strategies that's not working any more on the wall and on the top of the colored banner.

But since then it has emerged dramatically, we MBA guys  always talking about STP’S, BRANDING ,POSITIONING AND ADVERTISEMENT MARKETING etc. which is now a major factor of consideration in the recent Bollywood also.
Here is a detail of movie budget of different cinemas and their marketing budget.

movie trailer of Ra one

Our own Salman khan starrer super block buster movie Dabang:
Movie budget: 30 crore    Marketing budget: 12 crore (almost 40% of the movie budget)

The humour man Natha starrer peepli live:
Movie budget: 10 crore               Marketing budget: 4 crore 
(almost 45 % of the budget)

Here is our super hit movie Gajjni starrer career man Amir khan:
Movie budget: 50-60 crore         Marketing Budget: 14 crore

Akhsay Kumar and Katrina kaif starrer sing is king
Movie budget: 50 crore               Marketing Budget: 15 crore

Market whopping movie 3 idiot starrer Amir, madhavana and Sharman.
Movie budget: 35 crore               Marketing budget: 15 crore

King khan (shah rukh khan) starrer Om shanti Om
Movie budget:35 crore                Marketing budget:20 crore

Ranvir kapoor starer sawarriya
Movie budget:35 crore                Marketing budget:20crore

Recently Ravan Ra one starrer saha rukh khan is coming with bumps in this dewalli. 
Movie budget: ever big budget of INR 1 billion marketing budget N/A
It would be the highest ever movie deal in the Bollywood.it starring  king khan,kareena kapoor,Arjun  rampal etc.

it has also started it pre-release on the occasion of world cup 2011 quarter final onwards.just expecting a super duper hit from the Bollywood king khan.....

You can see here and there also how  Bollywood roping to its target audience with different promotional marketing strategies.it generally included television advertising, ambush marketing ,viral marketing ,multiplex promotions, tie up with several well-known brands and merchandising. While competing with their Hollywood counter parts Bollywood recently comes up with 3D PC games and various mobile applications.

super hit movie Dabbang

If you will see with a micro sense around 10% of a HINDI/BOLLYWOOD movie’s budget is generally spent on the pre-release activities like promotion and marketing. While recent data shows that it will likely to increase up to 20-30 % for big budget movies. While low budget movies also trying their level best on investing their major part of budget investment on pre-release marketing and promotion activities.

GAJJNI trailer

It’s amazing to know that promotion of these Bollywood movies are done through using star-cast, star visits and songs give any HINDI movie the necessary publicity at minimal expenses. 

This modern era Bollywood included social networking (like twitter, Facebook, Ibibo etc.),co-branding, special events and functions and at last special appearances in different TV shows like Indian idol, Hero Honda sare gama pa, laughter challenge shows etc. for advertisement and promotion. also able to raise the bar of standard with crore of income in the bag.

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