Saturday, January 21, 2012

I love my KIDs choice:Disarray for Brand maker's

The most surprising bit of data, global/domestic trends has always been a contentious issue, given the real problem of trends. Today the picture is a complex one; it would be wrong if I would say something and bank on a specific target group as our prospective decision maker. 

Companies tries to rectify this by employing a combination of lifestyle and ownership of consumer durables to profile the hard-to-reach affluent consumers and their mass and emerging media consumption. Find out whom to target?

In earlier times it was the adults who decided which toy or toys to buy for their children. You could easily find out the children as end user, the mother was the decision maker and father held the financial purse strings. 

Today, the scenario is changing rapidly, children are participating in the decision making process. Internet age children are in better position to get more information more quickly than their parents or grandparents. (The term of influencer has been changed to decision maker).

On the other hand parents are also encouraging their children to make their own decisions so that they could get the experience.

If you are enjoying your parenthood than I personally believe that parents accept children’s decisions about what to wear and what to eat and drink. And their sure shots are choices of TV program's, movies, video games and music. So it is very important for the marketer to understand the children sights to strengthen their brand.

while discussing the issue of decision making as a marketer/salesman you should understand the children target group.Yes,we believe that you do care about your kids' decision but you would like to mix your experience for a better taste.what are the other factors that making its way to trash box before listening to your kids' plan for the day.

which brings us to the next tip...

One upon a time discount means the company wants to please the customer’s with loyalty fees. What’s now? If your company is still believing in frequent discount period/and heavy discount offer to make stock clearance sale than you’re on the right track to Brand hell.
Because of frequent and extended discount periods send wrong message to the consumer. It could be termed as a twofold destruction of brand perception. It is well known that some of the prominent brands have lost goodwill amongst brand conscious consumer due to recurrent discounting periods to get rid of built up inventory. 

Before, some decades ago promotion and advertisement was a way to provide information about the product/service/company. Making the search/choose option easier for the consumer by initializing the product/services with unique identification/recognition. Recently competition and technology adoption has led to a situation where the basic function of most of the consumer durable goods has been largely commoditised. Particularly, this has created a situation where identifying a unique differentiating factor and at the same time promoting it effectively has become imperative.

kids decision is always right for the parents,so they do like to buy.and they buy based on emotion first and you should justify their decision with logic,even after they are already sold emotionally,so be sure to back up your logical pitch with logic to nurture the justification at the end.
Easy mode of marketing, if you’re able serve the facilities on the second to consumer’s command then your brand will reach to new heights in spite of run drop situations. here easy mode refers to a suitable and non-erotic way of selling."we want to buy it,not want to be sold."people don't like to be sold. 


  1. Good's really a disarray for brand makers now a days in the rapidly changing market...but i felt somewhat less connecting in the last half where you have mentioned the model of would have been better if would have explained more...!!!

    1. hey thank you so much dear.....just have updated the post..check it out...thanks again for the support and feedback....:)

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