Friday, February 3, 2012

Girl’s universe has certainly turned upside down-marketer’s review

(credit source:www.freedigitalphotos.n
The basic description of the bare necessities of “food, cloth and home” has been terminated from the so called life league. The newly supplanted mantra is “food, iPod and cell phone”. Boys have been dominated by their counterpart girls in categories like entertainment, health and beauty, electronic gadget etc.(abstract is based on a research report)
When it comes to electronics purchases, it seems that technology moves right with the learning curve and has been proved again. Here the younger teens are a step ahead their older counterpart. 

They are so fascinated about the tech gadgets that at times they are the major influencer (high value electronic purchases). Now I’m going to tell you a balled over fact that might be hard to believe for boys, girls spend more money on entertainment than the guys (as per a reliable research report). 
The sand of times ruling over the facts and figures, a sign of changing times and gesture of the different needs prevalent in today’s society. Girl’s working very hard to top the health and beauty category by spending good times with cosmetics, friends and movies.

Let the cat out of the bag. Boys have their own story in terms of where they drop their dollars. These days branded clothing companies are in a state of dilemma. Because boys usually preferring branded items to differentiate themselves from their counterpart, while there is no such parameter to scale the girls choice as they have so many choices, where branded clothing wouldn’t be their preliminary preference. 
When it comes to cell phone/mobile bills again girls talking more than the boys, but this time cupid arrow touches the guy’s heart, the boys spend far more than girls. When it comes to eating habits there is no question and answers that left unknown.

Finally, I’m going to shut down my brand buzz world with one more revealed secret that is “spending on “designer bags, stylish shoes and jewellery”. Emerging companies are churning out dollars by keeping this in purview. There is no boundary girls don’t want to cross when it comes to spend dollars on these things. Sweet hearts are looking for style and convenience. Market researchers are making a note of this well known shibboleth.

Well said, if you’re having a tough day then picks up your credit card from the wallet bag and ramp towards a shopping mall. Because girls it’s your day and guys we do not need to worry about them at the moment.