Monday, July 15, 2013

Digital marketing trends 2013-14(Updated)

Top 5 essential Digital tools to help you express yourself more clearly. Learn invaluable techniques in organizing your digital marketing budget.
Information includes:

Global market and Indian market (Over 150 million Indian users.)
(1.66 billion-Year 2013, world wide social network user)

Indian User in millions: Facebook-61, Linkedin-18.4, Twitter-18, Google+-16, Pinterest-0.4.
Category reach in %: Search-87, Social-85, Email-78, News-51, Education-41.
E commerce market (India-$6 Billion and expected to reach $40 billion by 2015.
Digital Market Industry-$900 Million.
The memo then directs the heads of executive departments and agencies to use the following
1) Mobile Marketing
2) Social Media
3) Content Marketing
4) Author Rank
5) Social TV

#1. Mobile Marketing
By 2015, more users will access the internet through mobile devices than through mobile devices/wire line devices.
Search queries with local intent in PCs and mobiles 16% and 32% respectively.
Global traffic via mobile devices 13%

42.8% of marketers plan to increase mobile marketing spend in 2013-14.
Marketing with various mobile applications.
The apple app store will be available at in 32 new countries.
Microsoft and Nokia: 18 million euro in mobile application development over 3 years.
64% of mobile time is spent on apps.
Mobile Advertisement:
Growth of global mobile advertising revenue-11.4 billion Dollar,(2013-400%)
Worldwide mobile advertising revenue year (2012- $9.6 bln ,2016- $24.5 bln).
U.S. Mobile ad spending by 2013. ($7.19 bln)
Facebook mobile app install ads.(Top grossing IOS apps use Facebook mobile app install ads.-20%)
User installs new apps after tapping ads on Facebook app.-48%)
Google Ad mob-success story of fishing joy aap-80 million downloads and 5 million yuan revenue.

#2. Social Media:

Average no. of social media channels being used B2B-5 AND B2C-4
Year 2012-74% of marketers used social media to distribute content
Year 2013- 87% of marketers using social media to distribute content

Twitter and Facebook: Promoted tweets and sponsored stories to better targeting and improved user engagement.(non-interruptive and integrated manner)

83% of marketers use LinkedIn, making it the most popular social media for content distribution.
41 %( B2B) and 39 %( B2C)-marketers use Google plus to distribute content.
21% of Pinterest user purchased a product after seeing a picture on the site.

#3. Content Marketing:

How does content marketing help?
Lead generation made easy, back links can be earned naturally and Increase website traffic.
Content marketing share from marketing budget, 2012 and 2013-26% and 33% respectively.
91% of B2B marketers using content marketing and 86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing.
Infographics: 25% increase in average website traffic.
Case studies: 71% in B2B and 38% in B2C, marketers using in their marketing strategy.
eNewsletters: 78% of marketers using eNewsletters to convey their message.
White paper: 61% in B2B and 28% in B2C, marketers using white paper as a marketing tool.

#4. Author Rank:

Claim your authorship-use Google plus consistently-(participation, connenctions, comments, +1s,share etc.)
Network on other social media channels as well
Selectiveguest posting(Article contribution on various sites)
Authority of publishing sites
Find your niche and create great content.(authors are ranked based on the engagement factors of their content. )

#5. Social TV:

2013 is the year when social TV ads will go mainstream, ending the era sitting passively on big boy recliners and watching television.

NDTV’s second screen effort in its mobile app and airtel shazam campaign are couple of recent examples from the Indian market, on the other hand “American network SyFy” launches defiance as a cross-platform story, on TV and as a MMO game.

One of the biggest news is the launch of twitter TV ratings with Nielsen and the prospect of Soical TV growing to a billion dollar ($12 Billion) industry by 2020.
All news channels have adopted a form of social TV in India and sports has also led the way with cricket properties like IPL promoting twitter heavily, along with home matches of the Indian cricket team. Besides sports and news channels, even other youth oriented channels like MTV, V and VH1 are encouraging viewers to get on the second screen.
But 2013 will see GEC adopting Social TV in a big way, inviting viewers to interacting and be a part of the story telling experience. Strictly speaking, the rule is that be ready for the Digital war and don’t forget to bring your digital weapons.
Cheers Digital hood!!!


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