Monday, January 10, 2011

"THE WORLD IS FLAT" article by Friedman


Hello dear readers,here I'm going to share the abstract of the book "world is flat" by fried man.

This book “The world is flat” is about the world economy as well as what it means to each and every one of us as individuals and as managers. The world economy is flat; it doesn’t make any difference if your business is based in Bangalore or Bangkok. 

The basis of Fried man's ‘flat world’ thesis, then, is that there now exists a global information (i.e. communications platform that transcends distance, place and geography), a platform that connects users anywhere in the world, irrespective of their location, time or anything. Yet even if the world is becoming ‘flatter’ in this sense, it by no means follows that the global economy more generally is becoming a flatter landscape.

Friedman argues that there have been three phases of globalization, which he refers to as 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. We can only imagine that he demands two orders of magnitude to suggest how closely his subject is tied to information technology. Here in this book he describes the three phases of globalization as 1.0 1492 - 1800, when nations globalized; 2.0 1800 - 2000, when corporations globalized; 3.0 2000 to present, when individuals globalized.

What i believe towards this flatten concept was , i.e. not everyone has access to this new global platform, When I say the world is being flattened, It mean we are all becoming equal. But now after going through this book, it seemed that more people in more places now have the power to access the flat world platform-to connect, compete,and collaborate.
But i can say that the flattening process is very uneven in terms of pace, extent and effect. In the past few years, massive investments in technology – satellite broadband connectivity, undersea cables have changed the shape of the world, making global communications very cheap and abundant. At the same time, computers became cheaper and available all over the world. And there was an explosion of e-mail, search engines like Google , Bing and software that we can share each and every data to the outside world

When all of these things came together intellectual capital could be delivered from anywhere. It could be disaggregated, delivered, distributed, produced and put back together again. And this brought the new concept i.e. the new way of working especially work that needs brains, not physical interaction.

One more thing in relation with flat concept is that cheap availability of software and broadband Internet everywhere. It has created a newly "flat" global political, economic, and cultural playing field that allows countries previously disconnected from the center of power to participate in the pursuit of wealth, provided they have the skills, the infrastructure (broadband connections) and the drives to it.
The 1o factors of flatten i.e. outsourcing, off-shoring, internet browser, supply chain, open-sourcing, in sourcing, informing, the steroid(wireless)are looking viable with the emerging argument of the author and acceptable within keeping the view of globalization and unity of countries. 
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