Sunday, February 13, 2011

social networking sites should be banned or not

Good evening all ......

Recently i have seen the movie social says you cant make 500 million friends with out making a few you think guys it was a alright comment..........and our favorite  Facebook application's are also doing the same thing....hmm


lets talk about our very dear Facebook... and its impact over personal and professional life.. 

 we have had a round table on the topic"Banned of social network ",some says against and some tried to their level best to prove it as right.while sharing some research data  here...

          => Facebook has enjoyed a dramatic increase in popularity among users in world, according to some of the survey said that office workers spend an average of 1.5 hours daily in the social networking site while at work.

          => The survey also showed that MSN is the most popular social networking site among employees, as respondents said they spend an average of 2.4 hours per day on MSN.

          =>  Half the respondents said MSN users who use the system for businesses, while 40 percent said they use it to chat during work.

           =>  More companies are setting clear rules prohibiting employees from using social networking site or limit your access to the site in an effort to prevent the site to divert the attention of workers and affect their efficiency at work.

What I find the most interesting (and scary)  thing about Facebook is the way young people  are using it.

Obviously they login as a way of keeping in the loop with their friends but increasingly it's  their PRIMARY online messaging method too.

Just think about that for a moment.anything comes to your mind....

Not only are they using Facebook instead of instant chat services (like MSN) but now  they're also using it to REPLACE email too.

And if you're a direct response marketer who DEPENDS on email to get your  message across then this should be a pretty scary thought...

Now a days marketers utilize it as their emerging medium of media advertisement....and the response rate is also very high .

Which is one reason I'm investing so much  time and resources figuring out the best way  for our future businesses to use Facebook to get our content "out there".

It's EVERYTHING you need to know about  how to build a BIG LIST using Facebook  and I'm soaking up every word myself :)

You'll discover HOW to create a compelling fan page that people want to join... then how  to use this to get others to TAKE ACTION.

People are going to be spending LESS time on email and MORE time on i right or wrong...I'm also one of them...yeah

that's why I'm coming up with such a hot discussion,if you have any reason to share in this area of innovation marketing then you are most welcome....


  1. I don't think social networking should be banned cause they are still play an important role in running business and website.

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