Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alcoholic beverage's market in India:India is drinking too much

Here we are discussing about some of the main reasons and key factor behind success of alcoholic beverages market in India. As per the research report, it is estimated to cross the USD 39 billion (over Rs 1,75,950 crore) mark by 2014.(research firm Datamonitor).

Following are some of the driving factors,

INDIA is turning out to be an attractive territory for global players as consumption of alcohol has saturated in many countries and even declined in traditional markets like Europe, while India offers immense growth opportunities.(as per data monitor and KPMG research firm)


Increasing acceptance of alcohol consumption among the rich and aspiring middle class, coupled with rising disposable income and a large young population, indicate high growth potential for the sector.

The target population for alcoholic beverages –people aged 20-59 years is very large and growing.

According to a study by the firm, the sector grew at a compound annual growth rate of 12 per cent between 2004 and 2009, with the industry turnover touching USD 21.7 billion (over Rs 97,910 crore) in 2009.(As per KPMG report).

On-trade sales are expected to grow considerably, as growing affluence among young consumer will spread the culture of frequenting pubs and restaurants’.

Along with that new alliances( or acquisitions), emerging strategies and business models like contact bottling (it is one kind of contract model),import alliances and permitted distribution partnerships fueling such kind of rapid growth in this sector.

On the other hand good numbers of investors are available for the private equity investments. As the market evolves from nascent stage. Strategies such as partnership and alliances are coming up with defined look.

Last but not least Indian market (Indian consumer’s) unanimously contributing to the BCG MATRIX star.


  1. Thanks for sharing statistics.Alcohols are not good for health one should avoid it..

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