Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blog Post Content Branding:Reader's Choice

Hello dear readers, warmest wishes to you and your family on this special eve of New Year. Personally as a blogger I believe that we love to share our experience through blog post for the reader’s residing in different corners of this world. What readers today like..

All too often our understanding of what reader’s want is based on what we want ourselves or updated assumptions, or even worse is wrong-guesses.
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Point 1: people don’t tend to read your post/article or watch your photo/video without a reason. Get the impression at first sight.
Lesson: perfectly utilize your heading and sub heading. (Start your title with how to/why/do’s and don’ts) and prove your post title.

Point 2: today readers like post’s containing fact and figs, because it shows your experience on that field and readers love it.
Lesson: outsourced reports..its ok.... but give total credit to the original writer for it .

 Point 3: short blog and small paragraphs will catch your early as well as late bird’s...  first short snippet style and concise copy.
Lesson: Don’t post too big posts like me, make it simple and concise. Someone rightly said that 3 minutes music losses half of their audience half way through.

Point 4: if you got the authority or permission then give chances to anecdotes also. It will definitely work for you.
Lesson: give the full picture; leave no dots that need to be connected.

Point 5: study shows that readers demand a good knot between your post title and post content.
Lesson: sniper point approach, make a one stop blog post.
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 Point 6: creating urgency for your stuff (in case of copy writing) it could be done with peer pressure, offerings on your site/blog (freebies for limited time or for early birds should be communicated properly.)
Lesson: if you are creating the demand then you’re responsible for the supply. It will create trust and loyalty inside your reader base.

Point 7: Readers like to see images & videos; define the post through it. They don’t like auto play music and videos.empower reader's interest through your blog post..
Lesson: sole interest may be good for a little; consider the mass as a global base.

 Point 8: most important thing is updating, readers don’t like the old news at all.
Lesson: it doesn’t mean to publish updated post frequently. Here update means; update your old post with new content.

Point 9: they don’t like unkind stories. Make sure your post reward the for reading it.
Lesson: it reflects badly upon you. Manage your blog and its brand image.

Finally, if possible post cookie contents (it is all about readers). Try to solve problems not recreating new ones...:) these post are your hook-the stuff that readers today will be glad they read it. It makes life better. Don’t make your blog image much like as an advertisement campaign. They can never get back that five minute they spent on reading your post (as you promised)-so don’ disappoint. They should finish it and think “I’m really glad that I read that”


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