Friday, January 13, 2012

Ads review: World Top 15 Ads 2011

hello everybody, I presume that you will enjoy these beautiful TV commercials. Marketer’s and ad agencies have done a very prideful and memorable job to get us back. Here is the list of top 15 best ads of 2011 by (Cannes film lions jury).It was nicely said “there was 1 Grand Prix and 14 Gold”. Just watch out their creativity to seal the show.

#1: Nike footballs write the future. (they understand you and your guts feeling)

 #2: Heineken entrance(they show your passion in ads)
#3: Carlton draught slow motion(desire creator)

#4: Braids (h2ohh) (make you smile and relax with ads)

#5: Crazy axe commercial “premature perspiration”(they know how to tape on man's mind)

#6: Otrivin: shoelace (answer to your question's through ads)

#7: Puma  social: After Hours Athlete (solution to the problem )

#8: The force Volkswagen commercial(leverage humor ).

#9: Chrysler born of fire final(fire and petrol combination)

#10: Office Mexican Insurance Institution Association(creating fear/selling air/mutual benefit)

#11: Close my eyes –rudely interrupted( be different)

#12: Dead island official trailer(expose your taste ya..)

#13: Skittles touch: cage cop(how to make your ads interesting)

#14: Google chrome speed test(tech and innovation at its best )

 #15:Google demo slam: chubby bunny(show the audience how easy it is...)

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