Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's been called epic:Entrepreneurship affairs

Ok.. this post will be short and sweet, as I have got this write up to share with you today.Entrepreneurs all over the world suffer from a universal struggle. Productivity! When you’re in business for yourself, you often have so much going on it can be difficult to keep track of it all. As a result you get way laid by the procrastination bug or you down beneath a mountain of “stuff “that you just can’t seem to get or keep organized. Never mind the obstacles, just carry on while looking at them.
Tips to the entrepreneur pals!

i) Don't be an entrepreneur just for the heck of it. There's no point in getting into a business that everyone else is already doing. Like the guy who wanted to get into the soft drink business but then he invented the straw.
ii) Don’t just start a company. Start a whole new industry. Remember Post-Its.

iii) Never give up(you just can't beat the person who won't give up). The guy who started Victoria’s Secret sold his company and jumped off a bridge before it became Victoria's secret because he thought it would never be successful.

iv) Don’t be afraid. Ron Wayne was so afraid of starting a new company that he backed out of his partnership contract. He is now living on his pension. Oh I forgot to mention, the contract was for Apple Inc.

v) Good artists copy, great artist steal(I will say good presenters!). The entire Macintosh idea was stolen from Xerox. And then Microsoft copied it from Apple.

vi) Sell yourself shamelessly. Richard Branson is probably more popular than his own company - Virgin.

vii) Be creative. Very creative. There's this guy who took a circle, put a price tag on it, patented it and made billions. It was called the hoolahoop.

vii) Don’t wait for the call,go and hit the door. Jobs, Zuckeberg, Gates we're all billionaires before they were 25. You don’t wanna wait to be 35, with a wife and 2 kids and then start a company.

ix) Improvise and move along with the times. Nokia started as a rubber product company. Apple now makes phones. And Microsoft, err; they'll probably be getting into home appliances soon.

x) Print your business card with a dummy company name and CEO written below. Distribute this among all your friends. After 6 months you better start your company or you'll be the laughing stock of the entire town. Michael Dell did this when he was 16. One of you reading this must be probably working for him.

P.S : I wish there would be a story about this guy who started his own company after reading this note. . That could be you.


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