Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Here we go......Million Dollar Marketing BLOG backs to pavilion....:)

Thank you dear friends and readers for being there when everything was out of syllabus.
A few days ago, I was just a useless fellow without this blog but now I got this best writer survivor award for starting it again.

Let's move to our topic, so much personal discussion  is again a marketing story.

The new question is very complex yet very simple.

Why Brand 1 is losing ground to the Brand 2 or Brand 3?

My answer is very simple, in developing the companies/firm's marketing strategies and plans for its products and services, the manager in charge must carefully analyze the competition to be faced in the market place.

I'm working in a country based ad agency as a brand manager, when I do visit my clients for media asset discussions, they usually share their campaign strategy and at the same time I do see their competitor’s strategy also. This may range from direct brand competition (which can also include its own brands) to more indirect forms of competition.

At a more general level, our marketers concerns about their valuable inputs while neglecting the challenge ahead which are already been lined up in the battle field to give a crack-jack answer.

So, please take your own time to recognize and understand the payback marketing strategies and be ready to answer them in a gentle manner.

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