Monday, March 14, 2011

here we go for a new biz

Hello friends, today our topic is all about the trendy tips for starting up a new business. Don’t take it very easy as we used to do it. A simple and catchy name along with certain principles of your business can change your fortune.
a) No one is satisfied with your product/service offers or objections fired from your visitors about your product offer. You should anticipate the objection and research your target audience's needs and wants.

b) Remember not to put unbelievable or unaffordable claims in your ad copy. People are too savvy now days and won't believe you. Purchase a 10 rupees sachet and win 10 crore worth diamonds. Do you believe…I’m getting rid of these emails and offers and prizes.

c) Always try your level best while choosing a name for your business and product/service. Your names should be memorable and describe the kind of product your should also need to represent your target audience and their attitude.

d) Solve your customer complaints by being quick and friendly. The faster you respond, the more your customers feel you care about them. If working in service industry then no way to be late. Ensure that you are following a readymade strategy to satisfy your customer.

Yesterday we were in a newly opened restaurant, they used to serve their new customer’s after 25 mins, and do you think the customer will come back again. Noooo

e) your business gonna failed, because you have been assumed that your customers are satisfied with their purchase. You should be constantly finding new ways to better your product and service.

f) Market yourself, as well as your product. It’s all depends upon your marketing manager’s ability, how he/she is creating positive WOM in the market for your product/service. They could write blogs, articles, e-books, do free consulting, do speaking engagements, will ultimately create the required noise about the product/service in the market.

g) Find new target audiences for your products or services .e.g. IDBI bank offered zero balance/investment bank a/c’s in many b-schools and colleges. Always try to find out the potential customers, where you can sell a huge no of product/services at a time..

h) Use the phrase "invest in our product" instead of the words buy or purchase. This makes prospects feel they're investing in their future if they buy.

i) Create offline/online affiliates to market your product. Have people sign up at your web site to sell your products through "house parties".

j) Use logos and slogans for your business. They make it easier for people to remember and identify your business. e.g. just check out Mc Donald’s logo ,90% people assumed it as a Jesus Christ heart(signal of purity and clarity)

Nike  :just do it….just feel the attitude of this slogan……remember for a life time. Yes…..

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