Saturday, March 5, 2011

You dont get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies:SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES

Folks, today I have written extensively about what I had experienced in face book and twitter recently. You can’t even imagine their strategies to keep us engage throughout the day. And at the same time you never know what you will learn from Face book and twitter.

Just a quick example of how small the world gets when social media comes into play, and why you should cast a wider net. What does it do? Now Facebook mostly displays items that got engagement. You know comments, Likes, Tagging, Etc.

 You just never know what you'll find on Facebook/Twitter, but sometimes it is something useful you didn't know was there. 

Brands and applications become too loud on your homepage right.
 I’m getting rid of the over flow of application messages and feeds on my homepage.(Here your home page gets noisy with new brands, but Facebook wants as it attempts to emulate other networking sites…)

We can very quickly grasp how to use Facebook to connect to friends and family, using it to share thoughts, images, etc. Like MySpace but more geared to adults than teens. (The company reportedly invested $200 million in data center upgrades last year to keep up with demand!)

Able to track out the user passion and trends, e.g. I like to poke my friends but how…keeping the hand on the shoulder of Facebook (flirting applications of Facebook).

Many of my friends used to like everything on the facebook….one status was about “my cute doggy died yesterday”
Comment was
like like like”….
2nd one: “don’t mind yaar”…
3rd one: “call me no……” and she got 14 likes there…..
it shows the platform attachment and environment of caring. And with no doubt Facebook utilizes their presence with positive sense of humors. 

You may wish that people would STOP playing FB games! But FB gets using hour benefits out there. That’s why many companies promoting their brands in FB wall post along the line with games.

Social media is really about engagement and interaction. Recently research data shows that freindsfeed disturbing users, so social sites like FB /TWITTER should figure out how to use the public features of FF without disrupting the personal friend culture that Facebook grew from.

Facebook Purity comes to mind; get rid of Ads, Game, Quizzes, etc. I do require a few tweaks if it blocks something you want though. Don’t you think the ads on social sites make us disturb.(while running behind the money neglects strategies at time.)

Still it is a place for mostly friends, whereas Twitter you follow a general crowd you want to follow. You can always still follow friends on Twitter but it's at a different level I think.

But I notice it now has the thing that most of my friend’s hated about Friends Feed: there are people on my feed I didn’t invite all of a sudden. Otherwise…it’s tough to deal when you go outside to meet someone…

comments: look at him/her…really noisy guy/gal…getting rid of his/her wall post feeds.

So here the social network sites should have a clear idea/understanding about the user needs and requirements. Otherwise a day will come when....every one want to open their group networks only...


  1. well its a hot discussion now a days that whether social networking should be banned in the corporate or not! I think corporate pays to increase the productivity and not for entertainment. Yes work stress factor is there but if it is really a stressful day, employee can go out for some time but does a social networking really help by posting "oh! God its a stressful day..:((". No its not.

  2. あなたはだけでなく、あなたがFacebook / Twitterで見つけることが知っていることが、時にはそれがあった何かは知りませんでした便利です。