Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Brand Amul" Social Media:An Irrefutable Marketing Campaign

It is often said that a person’s true colors show during the most trying of times; the same can be aver about Brands. I believe that every brand should espouse or try to adopt a well Brand posture .which shows anticipation & respect to its customer and its present.how many brands came up with such offline/online, digital/outdoor media campaigns to support the general public? (true indeed as a brand/Note:Not Media).

Have you been to Amul Face book fan page ever? or seen any digital campaign? 
Just give a visit to their digital site.You will sense that they are abide by general public and their emotions. (Of course, you will see an affiliated business motive and also a well defined  purpose to cater the  attention and expedite their digital initiatives).

All in all, I felt that Amul thought of me as a person and cared me as a person. This aligned directly with my view of the “Amul Brand”.
That’s why Collins business quoted as “for a half a century now Amul has not only served us delicious golden butter but also taught us to be witty and laugh at our selves. Amul’s little poppet in red polka  dotted  dress and a blue pony tail delivered on a regular basis a humorous take on everything that bothered us, we  thought deserved a repartee".  

Like a true spoke person of the masses, she rose to every occasion, be it cricketing double century, scandal surrounding politicians, to controversial policies, with an  
infallible gut and tongue-in-chick attitude. And in the process made brand “Amul” synonymous with honesty, purity and subtlety.
How brands view their customer and the relationship they’ve built reflects on the values of the brand, ultimately derived from each brand’s positioning. No more than ever communication matters even more companies need to pay attention beyond the practical point they are trying to make.Tone, timing, context, frequency and messaging channel all indirectly influence brand perception and it’s future .