Saturday, October 28, 2017

What Goes Wrong With The Service Model?

I was sitting in a coffee bar,while waiting to hear back from my client.Next to me some business leaders and service model experts were discussing about how disgusting the modern days consumers are all about.Those gentlemen were quite clueless about their service model that smelled the last breath.

We are committed to creating and operating our businesses confirming to the highest possible moral,competitiveness and ethical standards.We do not believe in entertaining any flaws & lose ends in the system .I overheard someone saying, this kind of customer-concentric goal orientation shouldn't have en-route to any customer  dissatisfaction. Still we have become another rolling stone mimic in the industry.Then who is the real culprit in this tragedy?
Yes you're thinking it right! Nobody,because now the question points out at  "Nobody" or "Anybody". And you can comprehend the situation and sense the uncertainty all around the organization and its well built system or protocol.

Stop doubting, the real truth lies in the system itself.While engaging cities after cities and wining big pockets,we have forgotten to brush our basics i.e. to listen. If you really listen to your customers,they're never happy-They will let you know what you're doing is in-apposite - and it's just forces you to get better or rectify your model.Sometimes being dizzy or  being a fainted heart worries us the most.We are literally so much pressed about our defined services and all this stuff.and the organization will grill you in the trademarked system until you believe that you're organization services are better than the customer.

And then you know ,publications will say you won four games in a row.

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