Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Stick to your core or Beat yourself !

It's raining cats and dogs in the silicon valley of India.Yes, you're checking it right,Bangalore.Don't be serious,today it is not a post about the garden city of Karnataka.It was just a small update about the mesmerizing and heartfelt weather out here.

Let's move to the topic,it is all about the "who what when where why"  game.Why many growth phase & Start up companies  had failed in the recent past.what was the real reason behind the failure of old companies?When they had initiated the mission ignorance? Where they have summoned the existent purpose and why?

The answer is very straightforward ,companies are not adhered  to their core competence & not learning from their ongoing or past experiences.If they are sticking to their core competence's, then they are not embracing the real verity i.e."Market Trend and Innovation".

Sony can evolve-from Rice cookers and crude heating pads,to tape recorders,to transistor radios,to Trinitron color TV's,to VCR's,to the Walkman,to Robotic systems,and to who-knows-what in the twenty first century-yet never finish pursuing its core purpose of experiencing the sheer joy of applied technological innovation that brings about "untold" pleasure and "untold"benefits..and the elevation of the Japanese culture.

It's been rightly said by the author Jim collins & Jerry I Porras that "A visionary company can,and usually does,evolve into exciting new business areas ,yet remain guided by its core purpose".

We should construct our core strategy on  "Learning & Rearing " model.This is a simple model that we will discuss in our upcoming chapter.

While driving myself back to home,I want to share a small piece of advice that might help the needy.This quote from Robert Kiyosaki is very much considerate."Intelligent people should learn from their past experiences.With people on the street,the bad experience has beaten them."Guyz have a great time ahead and don't limit your learning to your business life, learn from everything that is happening around you and your life ,that experience will become example someday.

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